Is your church letting visitors slip through the cracks?

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Many pastors and church leaders wonder why people visit their church but then don’t stay. They spend a good deal of time and effort to organise an ‘Invite a Friend to Church Sunday’ event only to be frustrated in the absence of a second visit. A good follow up plan for church guests will help your church to be ‘stickier’. There is a much higher likelihood of a one-time visitor committing to your church than someone who has never even heard of your church. A church looking to grow their congregation should have an effective follow up plan in place.

Learn how to assimilate visitors so your church can achieve its mission and grow the Kingdom. Assimilation, connecting, onboarding, plugging-in; whatever your church calls it, assimilation is the difference between a thriving, growing church community and a stale and dying congregation

When new and returning visitors slip through the cracks, your church loses its opportunity to make a connection that could lead to life change and church growth.

God is bringing people to your church. It’s your job to make sure they stick around. But, it doesn’t happen by accident.

Increasing your member retention is critical to building a growing church. If you have a revolving door of members you are just hustling to keep your congregation even. Your members need to feel connected, supported, and heard or they will leave. By creating and engaged community you solve that issue.

“Get your church a pathway for new visitors and setup a system that creates connection that turns those visitors into members.”

Yes, I want you to help me to grow my church membership!


Every week in churches all across the globe people attend Sunday services for a variety reasons. Some might attend “just this once” because of an invitation from a friend, others simply because of tradition or special events across Christmas or Easter.

But, what makes those visitors come back a second time? What helps a visitor take their next step and become a member that finds life in (and bring life to) their congregation?.

One of the biggest reasons church’s don’t follow-up with visitors is simply because they are already busy and overwhelmed. Follow-up is just one more thing to do and often it gets shoved to the back burner for more urgent tasks. What most pastors and leaders forget is that effective follow-up may ultimately be one of the most mission-critical things you do besides the Sunday morning experience. Your passion to see lives transformed means you should be committed to finding ways to encourage people who need what you have (Christ’s Transforming Love) to return again and again until they have received it.

The focus of your follow-up communications should stay solely on serving your guest. What can you give to them to help them in this season of their life? You know they may be interested in your church, so GIVE them information they are interested in receiving about your church, with no strings attached. Ask them about their experience on Sunday and if they have any questions about anything.

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