Mini-Guide: 6 Ways to Boost Church Growth on a Limited Budget

As a local church, attracting new visitors can be a major challenge.

This mini-guide will try to give you tips on how to implement an effective church growth strategy.

Online Church Marketing


If you are starting a new church or trying to grow an established one, then you are certainly challenged from time to time when it comes to finding NEW VISITORS TO YOUR CHURCH from families in your community.

Let’s face reality: Not every small church can afford to hire professionals for their church growth and outreach needs. If you’re a small church that can’t afford to hire a professional agency but can dedicate 15 to 30 minutes every day, this mini guide is for you!

Faith-based online marketing is the most effective way to reach new homeowners, and new movers to your community. That’s why church marketing systems are so important.

Posting about how much a member enjoyed a service or event lets others know about the service, following up with a post about the church gets people interested.

Download 6 Ways to Boost Church Growth on a Limited Budget mini-guide to:
  • Build a strong online presence for your church
  • Learn how to implement a follow-up strategy. 
  • Discover who your church should be targeting

“...Churches should view church marketing as an essential part of reaching people in their community ”

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Whether you’re a brand-new church, or an established one with declining or stagnant attendance, your needs are the same. Making sure that your church is a destination for visiting families, can help your church become that DESTINATION.

Download our mini-guide: 6 Ways to Boost Church Growth on a Limited Budget