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Online Digital Church Marketing

As a Pastor, your schedule is hectic, to say the least. Meeting after meeting and report after report, tunnel vision can start to set in and wherever you're going, well that's the only option. It doesn't have to be this way. Take a step back and a deep breath in and realize you're not in it all alone.

The Faith Connections.net program will help you build a large influx of visitors and members to your church through the use of affordable online digital church marketing.

Traditional Church Marketing Systems Often Miss the Mark

Traditional church marketing systems miss the mark in many ways, either by being too inefficient, too old-fashioned, or too irrelevant for today’s modern churchgoers.

Many times, using traditional methods of marketing, such as postcards, newspaper ads, or hand-written emails, actually hurts a church because they take up more time (and more money) than they are worth.

We will build your membership step by step, you’ll receive a complete digital marketing campaign that will attract targeted visitors to your church. The Faith Connections.net church marketing system help churches and ministries stay modern and relevant to today’s churchgoers because it reaches out to them where they are — on their laptops and smartphones!

Build Your Membership with a Digital Marketing Campaign that Works

  • Lower Your Advertising Costs by Implementing a Proven Step-by-Step Formula
  • We Harness the Power of Online Marketing to get your Church Noticed
  • Targeted Marketing, Grow Your Membership and Get More Visitors to your church
  • It’s Time to Boost Your Church Membership

Deploy Advanced Digital Church Marketing Strategies with Minimal Investment

The Internet provides great opportunity for churches today. Rather than wasting your time and efforts on in-effective marketing, Pastors and Church Leaders now have the ability to have an effective digital church marketing campaign quickly and easily.

The results will speak for themselves. Your church will be exposed to a new segment of the population in your area that it has never been able to reach.

The Program Overview

The program will employ three advanced features that all work together to achieve optimal results.

The first feature is Custom Landing Pages. This feature will be a part of your current church website and is used to attract visitors to church, which will accelerate the growth of your church. This is accomplished by pointing all of the digital marketing (google ads, local listing) to these pages, and using the data collected to implement a comprehensive Follow-Up strategy. This strategy sends out pre-timed, pre-written emails to potential members, welcoming them to your church and keeping them abreast of what your church has to offer.

Visitor Follow-Up – This email marketing campaign includes important information that new visitors will need to know, such as your service schedule, goals of your church, free publications, and more.

The next powerful feature is Presence Verification. For the growing church, marketing has become so complicated. Audiences are fragmented over hundreds of different media outlets, apps, platforms, search engines, social media sites and business listing products. One of the most often overlooked advertising outlets is the local search.

Faith Connections.net will claim and optimize your Google Business and Bing Places Listings. Claim if needed and Optimize your ChurchFinder, FaithStreet and ChurchAngel listings. This will include optimization with content YOU provide including Church Contact Information, Description, Logo, Pictures and YouTube Video Link.

Presence Verification makes sure your church listings are present with the correct information, in the Top 5 local search sites. With Presence Verification, your church will stand out from the crowd in local searches everywhere. Adding pictures, descriptions and promotions to your listings can help them rise up in the rank, and make them look great so more people pick your church when searching.

Now it’s time to reveal the third feature: Google Ad Grants'. One of the biggest missed opportunities for nonprofit churches is Google for Nonprofits, which includes Google Grants, which is a $10,000 monthly grant to advertise on Google.com. Google Grants has the potential of driving thousands of new visitors to your Landing Pages each month.

Running a successful Google Grant account is complex and can be extremely time consuming. With our team of ambitious, certified experts we can help your church use the full $10,000 Google Grant and allow you to devote your time to effectively running your church.

Faith Connections.net is a web based church marketing service that helps pastors to connect directly with people and improve visitor-to-church communication. This solution allows pastors to leverage technology to effectively communicate with and follow up with first-time guests. Faith Connections.net is a full solution that gives pastors and church leaders all the services they need to effectively connect with visitors in their communities. Our Automated Online Outreach Program and follow-up campaigns created by Faith Connections.net can be helpful to any growing church or faith-based organization.

Get ready we are going to create powerful advertisement that will be seen by the masses!

What are the requirements?

  • Be a church or religious organization that is ready to grow
  • Must be a 501(c)(3) or under the umbrella of one (For Google Ad Grants’)
  • Have a live website with substantial content

What am I going to get from this program?

  • Get more members to your church
  • Increased presence on the Internet (hint: it's cheaper, faster & more effective)
  • $10,000 Ad Grant to promote your church
  • Effective church marketing without wasting your time
  • Deploy advanced strategies like Landing Pages, and Presence Verification
  • ... and much more!

Online digital church marketing is becoming the most effective and efficient way for churches to gain new membership. The reason why, when a family moves into a new community, they use the Internet to find a new place of worship.

The Faith Connections.net Program puts your church in front of these new residents in your community by creating content to introduce them to your church, and then follows up with them to showcase your church and what it has to offer.

If you are exploring better ways to reach your community, our program is a great way to get introduced to available options.

“If you are exploring better ways to reach your community, our program is a great way to get introduced to available options.”

Yes, I want you to help me to grow my church membership!

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