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The Birth of a Church Marketing Company

Faith Connections.net is a Digital Church Marketing company, our primary focus is attracting new visitors to faith-based organizations utilizing the Internet as our marketing platform. The reason I started this company was because I had help a few local churches improve their attendance by optimizing their local listings, and web presence. Then I was given the idea that I could help more faith-based organizations grow their memberships using the same techniques.

About me, my name is Thaddeus Collins and I’ve been working on the Internet since the early 90’s. I started back then building web pages when you had to know HTML, JavaScript, and yes how to market when there was such thing as Google or Bing. Then next step in my story was when I got into data-cabling and became very good at it, but wasn’t too fond of the companies I was working for, so I did what every good entrepreneur minded person does, I started my own company.

So, starting from scratch with very few resources, I dove in to make this business the number one television and projector installation company in my area. I designed my own web page and started marketing it, along the way I read everything I could about marketing I could get my hands on. This included writing articles, directory submission, keyword optimization, and SEO techniques. I think what got me really excited was when my company showed up in the top 3 for search results in all the major search engines for the keywords I had chosen. But, that wasn’t it continuing with what I was doing, my company started to dominate the first pages for those keywords with at least 5 spots on the first page results, all this without spending a dime on advertising.

Moving on a bit, I continued to keep marketing my business till the pastor of a local church I had installed a few TV’s for asked me how I had gotten so many results on the search engines? He told me that every time he searched for TV installers my company showed up with numerous result in the first few pages, and how could his church do the same. So, I explained to him what I was doing to market my business, and you know what his next question was, “Can you help me do the same with my church?”

As time went on and his church became more visible on the search engines, he recommended me to another pastor he knew was having problems building the congregation at his church. Around that time, I started having issues with my health and could no longer install TV’s, so desperately looking to start a business that didn’t require as much physical exertion, the same pastor that I had helped before suggested that I start helping churches improve their web presence since I was so good at it.

One of those ”Ah Ha” moments, so I began my journey to get this started, but where would I begin? I started by saying “I didn’t just want to be another marketing company,” but wanted to really bring value to the churches that hire me. First thing was to find out what churches needed, and after researching the problems they were having, I found what I had to do. This resulted in me developing the Automated Online Digital Outreach program, which starts with increasing the churches presence on the search engines by local optimization of their local listings. Next, creating stunning landing pages that gave interested visitor all the information about the church including directions, sermon times, available programs, and a welcome from the pastor. This landing page also include a text input for contact information to keep in touch with them.

I then found out about a program aimed at helping non-profit organizations utilize the AdWords program from Google. They will give these organizations an AdWords Grant up to $10,000 a month to help them market their organization, and since almost all churches are non-profit organizations this was a perfect fit for what I was doing. For those who don’t know AdWords are the ads that appear next to the organic search, and because many churches are unaware that this program exist there is not as much competition for keywords on these searches. And, now that Google is revamping the AdWords listings to the extended listing so the results show more information and are more prominent in the search results.

That was just the beginning, by pointing those AdWords at the churches landing page gives us the opportunity to reach more visitors. And this is where the Follow-Up phase of the program take over. This is accomplished with what is known as Marketing Automation or Drip Marketing, this is where we contact potential visitors with timed delivered emails that are aimed at welcoming new visitors, without being overbearing or pushy. Because people’s lives are so busy these days they sometimes have to be reminded of things they searched for before, so a welcoming email or text from that church they found on the Internet can remind them so they don’t have to repeat a search for the same results.

And, finally the Follow-Up after they have attended a service, this is aimed at thanking them for attending, and introducing them to what the church is doing in the future.

So, this is how Faith Connections.net was started and an explanation of what I want the program to encompass, our goals to bring more visitors to local churches, and to grow these congregations. It all started with me knowing how to utilize the Internet to gain more exposure for my installation business, and now how to bring more souls to God.

Thaddeus Collins is the Director of Faith Connections.net the Digital Church Marketing company that focuses on increasing membership in local churches.

“If you are exploring better ways to reach your community, our program is a great way to get introduced to available options.”

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