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We help churches, ministries and faith-based organizations market effectively.


Digital online marketing is quickly becoming a necessity for churches of all kinds. Consumers go online to look for everything that they might need, and with the right strategy, your church can position itself as the choice for their new church home. And as more and more unchurched go online to research and find faith related information, your church can benefit from engaging in digital online marketing...

Your church, ministry, or faith-based organization needs ideas that will stand out in the crowd. Digital online marketing uses various processes for the growth of your faith-based organization such as local listing optimization, e-mail marketing, text marketing, and social media marketing. All these processes will collectively help your faith-based organization to develop and implement effective church growth.

We help nonprofits, churches, ministries and faith-based organizations increase impact and get results through the use of Church Digital Marketing.

When done correctly, digital marketing can help a church acquire more visitors, convert them into members who will glorify His word...

The results digital marketing can deliver depend on how all the strategies work together for one common goal, to increase visitors to your church. We at FaithConnections.net have developed a specific set of strategies that we follow to ensure that we do the whole process in a step by step format that allows us to have a high success rate. Digital marketing can make a huge difference in church growth. That’s true for small churches as well as mega-churches.

“Your church wants to impact lives, helping people know Christ and engage them through Christian discipleship.”

We Target People In Your Community Through Local Listing Optimization

One way small or new churches can get found is through inclusion in online local directories that have correct information.

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We Provide Follow-Up Email & SMS Text That Helps To Convert Visitors Into Members

We Provide Follow-Up Email & SMS Text automated follow-up that has been proven to drive residents in your community to your church.

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We Provide Cost Effective Digital Online Marketing To Grow Your Church

Is less expensive than billboards, newspaper ads, and postcards. Digital marketing also provides significant savings in time .

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You’ve likely spent a number of hours this year praying about ways your church can reach more people. Because, Reaching people is what it’s all about. Yes, I want you to help me to grow my church membership!
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Meet the Founder

Thaddeus Collins

Director, Faith Connections.net

If you want to increase both members and attendance, you need to find ways to get the unchurched to walk through your doors. If you’ve been working to grow your church for a while now and things aren’t happening as fast as you want, then I would like to help you create a MAJOR growth BREAKTHROUGH. E...

Have you ever thought about the potential number of new visitors your church could have with more visibility? Think about how many more visitors and new members would be possible if you had a church marketing system in place to increase visitors and a system to follow-up with them. I've worked with countless small/medium sized churches, and can tell you from direct experience what type of difference can be made.

Successful churches may not always have the best preachers, the best guest speakers, or the best events. Successful churches all have one thing in common - they know the value of online marketing

Traditional church marketing systems miss the mark in many ways, either by being too inefficient, too old-fashioned, or too irrelevant for today’s modern churchgoers. Using traditional methods of marketing, such as postcards, newspaper ads, or hand-written emails, actually hurts a church because they take up more time (and more money) than they are worth.

If you’ve been working to grow your church for a while now and things aren’t happening as fast as you want, then I would like to help you create a MAJOR growth BREAKTHROUGH.

Whether you’re a brand-new church, or an established one with declining or stagnant attendance, your needs are the same. Making sure that your church is a destination for visiting families, FaithConnections.net can help your church become that DESTINATION.