Is your church leveraging the fastest growing & most effective marketing channels?


People’s average television watching time is on the decline they begin spending a growing percentage of their free time surfing the web, emailing, updating social media websites, and watching videos online. With more people, spending more of their time online now more than ever before, you should be focusing more of your marketing efforts where the people are? There are so many opportunities it can be overwhelming, it’s hard to know where to start. Faith Connections.net is the answer.

Reaching the Unchurched: First who are the Unchurched? The Barna Group defines the term to mean "an adult (18 or older) who has not attended a Christian church service within the past six months." Our Online Church Marketing Program, targets your community to help you attract visitors to your church, convert those visitors through consistent email and text follow-up, which will grow your church membership. .

Faith-based online marketing is the most effective way to reach new homeowners, and new movers to your community. That’s why church marketing systems are so important.

What could your church achieve with the help of FaithConnections.net church marketing?

Digital Church Marketing is a great way to get the word out about your church to the community, and churches of all denominations and sizes use it. Churches can communicate who they are to complete strangers without offending them or invading their personal space, and it has the potential if done right, to reach people who might just be too shy to walk through your doors to ask questions.

“If you want to increase both visitors and membership, you need to find ways to get the unchurched to walk through your doors. ”

Yes, I want you to help me to grow my church membership!


Many faith-based organizations think that growing their congregation involves luring members from other places of worship, but true growth is getting the unchurched to return to church....

Faith Connections.net church marketing:

This program is designed to use all the tools available in unison first we create and optimize local listings, while we are doing that we are setting up your AdWords and Google Grant accounts. We then create the landing pages that are geographically targeted to reach your community. Next we point everything to these landing pages to start building visitors. The final step is to follow up with these visitors to provide emails and text to convert them to members.

  • Is less expensive than billboards, newspaper ads, and postcards.
  • Provides significant time savings compared to hand-writing and sending out emails for every event. Imagine the great works your church could do with all that extra time!
  • Can be targeted to specific groups within your community.
  • Increase your visitor retention.
  • Provides tangible ROI by allowing you to see how many actions were taken straight from the emails (tickets or merchandise purchased, signups for events, donations given, etc.).
  • Allows you to peek into contacts’ behavior within the campaigns to see what your congregation is truly interested in. This information is invaluable when planning future events and sermon topics.

...Churches should view church marketing as an essential part of reaching people in their community

So, the unchurched population is estimated to be about 139 million. If the unchurched of the U.S. formed a country, it would be the 10th largest country in the world, between Mexico (129 million) and Russia (142 million).

And apparently, it’s still growing..

Tell us about your passion for the ministry work you’re doing and the vision you have for your organization. We’ll evaluate your current marketing strategy, if you have one, and determine your greatest marketing needs.