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Before Hiring a Wedding Planner

Are you deciding on hiring a professional wedding planner or do it yourself? Take a look at this rudimentary collection of chores and details to be attended to in order to pull off a successful wedding.

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You’ll probably want to run, not walk, to find the nearest professional wedding planner or consultant.

There’s the church wedding, and all it entails, from providing your baptism certificate to choosing between confetti and biodegradable rice.

Then there are such items as who sits where, ushers, bridesmaids, best men, flower girls, music, wardrobe, hairstyles, flowers, and rings. Not to mention the vows. And all the rehearsals.

There’s the reception.

Finding the right venue and the right caterers can be a really stressful task. Then you have to plan the menu, the bar and the service, all the while hoping against hope that everything comes out okay. Not to mention the wedding cake!

There’s the photographer. And do you want stills and videos too? What kind of transportation will you use? What about the invitations; how to know what to put on them, who to invite?

Are you getting the picture yet? The above list shows only the tip of the iceberg. The myriad chores involved in completing just one of those tasks is enough to make one elope to Las Vegas or Mexico!

In fact, the only reason you might hold back on hiring a wedding planner is your budget.

A professional wedding planner not only has the know-how and the contacts to get you the best deals around, but also will hold you to your original budget with an iron will and the experience to back it up.

Without someone like this on your side, things can get out of hand pretty fast.

Planning To DoMake your dream wedding a memory to cherish forever, not a nightmare full of stressful problems to solve. A wedding planner will stick with you through thick and thin and be a shield and a comfort, so you can relax and enjoy the best day of your life!

There are so many details to coordinate and keep track of that it is so easy to let something slip through the cracks and get either overlooked or not given enough attention.

Sure there are some brides, and grooms, who are such perfectionists that they will not delegate even a single task.

For others who are willing to enlist the help of a wedding planner, they can really make a huge difference. The wedding planner can make life so much easier for the bride.

By handling and coordinating many of the details of the wedding.

They can also help the bride find great deals through connections they may have in the industry.

They can also make recommendations for experienced professionals that will help to make the wedding day perfect.

Below we will discuss some things to consider before hiring a wedding planner.

First and foremost a bride should carefully consider the type of role a wedding planner will play in the process of planning the wedding.

Some brides may be confident handing over all of the planning details to a wedding planner. Some brides may only allow a wedding planner to perform a few minor tasks.

And, most brides will fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum.

The majority of brides who hire a wedding planner want to be involved in every step of the process but are intimidated by the prospect of planning the wedding so they rely on the wedding planner to keep track of details, make sure nothing is overlooked and deal with vendors.

Next, anyone else involved in paying for the wedding, will have to consider the fees charged by the wedding planner.

This is very important because depending on the amount of work required the cost of employing a wedding planner can add significantly to the budget for the wedding.

Some wedding planners charge an hourly rate, some charge for each task handled by the wedding planner. And, some charge a flat fee for all of the services provided to assist in the wedding planning and preparations.

It is important to understand these fees beforehand and to have a contract that carefully outlines all of the services which will be performed by the wedding planner and the fees that will be paid to the wedding planner.

Without this type of contract there are likely to be disputes.

Wedding PlannerHowever, with a contract in place the bride and the wedding planner can proceed with confidence that everyone involved knows what is expected of them during the process of planning the wedding.

When it is time to start narrowing down your options for wedding planners seek out recommendations from trusted sources.

Friends or family members who have used a wedding planner in the past will likely give you an honest opinion of whether or not a particular wedding planner is a worthwhile investment.

Brides should also use the Internet to learn about wedding planners and search for reviews. There may be hundreds of wedding planners located in your city.

So start by only considering those who come highly recommended your search will be much easier.

Once you narrow your field of wedding planners down, it is time to schedule interviews.

This is incredibly important for a number of reasons. First of all you want to select a wedding planner capable of planning a wedding that will meet your expectations. Ask to see pictures from previous weddings and ask for details on the role played by the wedding planner.

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It is also important to get a good feel for the wedding planner’s personality during this interview. This is significant because you will be spending a great deal of time with the wedding planner.

If you can’t get along with them it can not only be uncomfortable but may result in you not having your dream wedding.

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