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How To Avoid Wedding Rip-Offs

Planning a wedding can be a stressful event. The last thing you need is to be ripped-off by an unscrupulous wedding vendor or planner. Here are a few tips on how to avoid wedding rip-offs.

Make Your Wedding Arrangements and Bookings As Far In Advance As Possible

Most facilities, vendors, and planners can be booked more than a year in advance. If possible, take advantage of this window of opportunity. Should something go wrong, it will provide you with more time to make alternate arrangements.

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Also, be aware that some vendors will actually charge you more if you order or book things at the last minute.

Shop Around and Deal With Trustworthy People

Before booking anything you should shop around and get an idea of current prices for each category of your wedding. Don’t just hire the first caterer you meet with. Ask around with family, friends, co-workers, etc. and get their recommendations about services they may have used.

If you want to be extra safe in this regard, you could also call your local Better Business Bureau. They can provide you with any problem information they may have received regarding a particular company, and give you tips on how to avoid wedding rip-offs.

Get Everything in Writing

Wedding ContractIt would seem obvious to do this, but a lot of couples tend to go on “faith” of what a vendor says, then are shocked with the vendor doesn’t follow through. Get everything, down to the smallest detail, in writing and be sure both you and the vendor agree on all points before signing any contract.

Include exact descriptions, such as if you are ordering flowers: how may bouquets, the exact type and color of the flowers, etc.

Another Way on How to Avoid Wedding Rip-Offs is to Be Aware of The Fine Print

Read any contracts over very carefully. Pay particular attention to their cancellation policy. You want to make sure it includes a provision for a refund of the deposit if you cancel or change your wedding date by a certain time period before your wedding. Of course, reasonably, you would not get a deposit back if you cancelled two days before the wedding.

Be sure to also include a written statement on the contract that you will not pay for services. And expect a complete refund on any deposits if the company does not deliver exactly as specified in the contract. A reputable company will respect this clause.

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Regarding Photographers and DJ’s

When booking these services with a company, often you may wish to have a particular photographer/videographerWedding DJ and DJ for your wedding because you have seen their work or heard their play style and really like it.

Make sure this is detailed on the contract with the person’s name. Again, also include the clause that if that particular person is substituted, you will not pay for the service and will receive a refund on all deposits.

This happened at our wedding with the DJ. The one we were told was coming and who knew how our ceremony music was laid out did not show up. The substitute DJ that showed had no idea how the wedding service was to proceed with the music.

There was a mess up with some songs and we had no recourse, that was not in the contract. So be aware of this. Don’t pay for a last minute substitute (unless you were thoroughly happy with their service).

Following these few tips can make your wedding day a lot smoother and teach you how to avoid wedding rip-offs.

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