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How To Select The Perfect Wedding Gift

Ever got stuck trying to come up with the perfect wedding gift? There is no right and wrong rule to this since every couple is different, as is every wedding guest’s budget. But is going to show you how to select the perfect wedding gift. Because what is well received and appreciated by one couple may horrify another.

Here are some questions to consider to help guide you on how to select the perfect wedding gift:

Gift Registry1. The first and most important question is, do they have a gift registry set up? If so, you can choose something that you know they are guaranteed to like.

2. What are the bride and groom’s personalities like? A fun-loving couple? Eccentric? Very conservative? By answering such questions you should be better able to search for gift ideas that will suit their personalities, and therefore be happily received.

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3. What hobbies and interests do they have? Choose gifts that will enhance the enjoyment of their interests. For example, some couples love bowling together. Search for a gift that’s related to this sport such as matching personalized bowling hats.

4. What type of food do they both love? If they love Italian food, then a gift certificate to a romantic Italian restaurant would be appropriate. Another idea is to put together or purchase an Italian food gift basket for a romantic picnic. If they’re the type of couple that loves barbecued foods, a gift basket full of barbecue sauces, recipes and spices would be a welcomed wedding present.

5. How is their home decorated? For those who know the couple well and have been in their home, you may want to look for something that will compliment their decor, such as a special figurine, a picture or a collectible.

These are the questions you must ask when you want to know how to select the perfect wedding gift.

Below are some wonderful wedding gift ideas most people don’t think of that you can use:

1. Gold-Plated Picture Frames: the perfect way to display favorite photos of their special day. Have them engraved with the couple’s names and the wedding date for a treasured memory.

2. Etched Wine Glass: Have their wedding invitation, or other special verse engraved on a glass sculpture. This will be treasured for years to come, and definitely unique. Or, for a little variation, get the actual invitation, and mount it on a glass plate and finish it with matching colored paint.

3. Honeymoon Photo Album: this could be made out of wood, with something like “A Honeymoon to Remember” engraved on the cover a perfect place to capture those wonderful honeymoon memories.

Spa Gift Cetificate4. Spa Gift Certificates: To a spa for the bride and groom are great before or after the wedding. The wedding day is often stressful, so you could offer a day at the spa to prepare them for the wedding day. Or, they could use it just after their honeymoon, as they prepare to resume their regular activities.

Now, who says coming up with the perfect wedding gift idea is hard.

5. Keepsake Box: As time goes by, memories begin to fade, and what better and more unique gift than a special box where they can safely store all those precious mementos that become more cherished as the years go by.

This box is perfect for things like marriage license, special photos, place cards, vows, and all those other special keepsakes that often get lost as time passes.

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6. Couples’ Home Spa Kit: As an alternative for the day at the spa, you could give them a spa in a basket, including monogrammed robes, towels, and a few other relaxing items, like candles, bath and body lotions, some romantic music, and even engraved wine glasses accompanied by a bottle of wine for a special evening at home.

7. Gift a gift of Money: If you still can’t decide, then send a check besides to what you would have spent on a wedding present. Make it out to Mr. and Mrs. Whatever (unless the bride is keeping her maiden name – in which case use both names on the check).

Pick up any of the above wonderful wedding gift ideas the next time you go to a wedding. You will be surprised at how well it works!

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